The Wormholes have an uncanny ability to create art-rock music that’s both experimental and relatable. It’s a tough line to walk, but the duo – made up of Ben Verner on vocals, guitar, and synth and Chris Walters on drums, vocals, and synth – make it seem effortless.”

Left Bank Magazine

The Wormholes music has “morphed from a conventional pop-rock sound into something more sprawling...majestic, electronics-infused rock.”

- Creative Loafing

 The Wormholes “continue to explore the cold, dark depths of human consciousness, a-la-Jules Verne, outer-space style.” 


The Wormholes are a high-powered duo hailing from Charlotte, NC. 

Their sonic universe consists of a guitar, a drum kit, and a series of interconnected synths, amps, and effect/looper pedals. 

This massive sound, produced by two mere mortals, transcends traditional classification yet taps into elements of post-rock, synth-pop, and psychedelia.  The exploration of this innovative sound yields a captivating, live performance that transports minds to a realm of electronic, textural bliss.